Phantom Boat's.. Now Winning Electric's........

What You Need To Know.......

The Phantoms come in 2 size's, 125cm, 145cm.

These Hull's are Multiple British National Championship Winning Boat's......

They are built for Offshore Condition's, Inland Lake Racing and they have become awsome Circuit Racing boat's.. They have Won a Great number of Race's and National Championships for Racer's All over the UK and have been supplied all over the World....

Recommended Engine size's;

125. Light Weight Build, 3.5cc Glow.

Standard Build, 7.5/15cc Glow and upto 30cc Petrol.


Now being set up for VERY Fast Electric's.

Size is 125cm x 33cm.

 145. Standard Build 15cc Glow and 23, 26, 30 and 32cc Petrol, these hulls have run with Petrol's upto 40cc!!


Now being set up for VERY Fast Electric-s, has to be seen !!!

Size is 145cm x 38cm.

Advance Features;

One Piece Construction for Better Aerodynamics.

Large Hatch Opening for Better access to the Engine and it's Components.

Carbon Fibre Reinforcement and Rigid Strength can be added from + £30.

All Phantom's are made in White, Colour's can be considered by prior arrangement and are charged  + £25...


Stringers/Engine Rail's can be add from + £25.

Price's start from;.......

125 @ £200.

145 @ £225


All Boats can be delivered to a Race event or sent by carrier.. The price of carriage, is charged at Cost...

Please make No mistake, these are Full on Racing Hull's and are Constructed from the Best Material's available..

They are All built to Your needs.......

Below, Mark's Race Winning Phantom 145 ......


We are located at:

Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 5SR.


Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to meet up and have a cuppa, please contact me:

07968 693639


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