2017 saw a New boat in the MCop camp the MK-54.  its been 6 years since the launch, & has gone down very well with Racers & pleasure boaters... Its got the pedagree of a Skater cat, but has a full water line transom giving you more option's on set up, also giving you a longer platform, making the boat fell larger than similar craft.

The options on building material's are the same as the Phantom range. 

The hull is of a 3 piece construction making it easier build, but also making it a stronger construction.

These Cat's are Championship Winners !


Set up with a std 23cc or the popular 26/27cc or go bigger to 30cc these hull will take it.

Or you could go with a 11/15cc glow motor.

Now being run in Offhore events with Fast Electric's..

A lot of guys have started setting up with Twin electric motors, theres one in Bermuda, quick boat..


Price's start @ £275 in White.

Colour's can be considered  + £30. or the cost of the Colour.

Carbon reinforce  + £30.

Engine rails  + £30.


Size is 137cm x 37cm



Great shot of the MK in Full flight....

We are located in Somerset.

Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to meet up and have a cuppa, please contact me:

07968 693639



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