All Flexi's are made by Mark, they are available in the size's listed below and can be made or supplied in a std length off the shelf or made to Your Own Custom Spec........

They are made from Aeromarine and Octura Cable and can be supplied in Round or Square Drive, Left or Right Hand......

Price's Start From;


4mm £14.

3/16" £16.

1/4" x upto 24" £23


1/4" 25"to 29" £26


1/4" 30" upto 36" £32


1/4" x Square drive's, made to order from £26.50

5/16" or 8mm down to 1/4"  upto 24" £26


As above upto 29" £30


Stub shafts also supplied, made to order from £7.50






Very popular Flexi for the Z class.


Price's start from £14.




They are available in 3/16" or 1/4" round.

316 Stainless steel @ £3. each.


New for 2018 are 1/4" Square saver's to fit you Square drive's.

Made from Hard brass @ £3.50 each

Head Shim's

The Head shim's are made from Copper and will out last the Alloy one's supplied as standard......

They are made in the thickness as listed below, All CMB engine's can be supplied and many any other engine's can be sorted out..

.05mm (.002")

.1mm (.004")

.2mm (.008")

They are Priced from .75p each.

Please contact Mark for more information or to make an Order.

NGK Spark Plugs Available....

Mark Alway's Carries His Spare's To The Race Meet's....

Please email, m40cop@aol.com or just give him a call on 07968 693 639

We are located in Somerset.

Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to meet up and have a cuppa, please contact me:

07968 693639



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